The new addition to Ing. Nando Groppo srl is the G70. It is a recreational aircraft with a tricycle undercarriage, two-seats side-by-side with Groppo’s iconic folding wings. An aircraft where comfort and flight performance unite.

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WING SPAN: mm 8900                                                                 LIMIT LOAD FACTOR: g +4 -2
WING AREA: mq 10,68                                                                 ULTIMATE LOAD FACTOR: g +6 -4
HORIZONTAL PLANE SPAN: mm 2740                                      CRUISING SPEED: km/h 190
LENGTH: mm 6220                                                                       VNE: km/h 210
CABIN MAX WIDTH: mm 1120                                                    STALL SPEED FULL FLAPS: km/h 60
TRACK: mm 1700                                                                         CLIMB RATE: m/s 4
TANKS: 50 lt x 2                                                                            TAKE OFF: m 160
EMPTY WEIGHT – WITH PARACHUTE: kg 297.5                       LANDING: m 160